The History Behind Health Energy Longevity, LLC
Three decades ago Dr. James Stonehart resigned his position as a senior research scientist at a global corporation to begin a worldwide search for natural healing and anti-aging breakthroughs. Dr. Stonehart knew the knowledge existed to achieve healing and youth-restoring breakthroughs. But, he also knew the will didn’t exist within the corporate world to pursue radical healing and youth-restoring breakthroughs if it didn’t involve expensive, Big-Pharma drug prescriptions or medical procedures.  

After three decades of intense research and world travel, Dr. Stonehart and his associates have uncovered major breakthroughs. Many of these breakthroughs are completely counter-intuitive. For example, effective disease prevention, pain-alleviation and radical anti-aging does not have to require powerful drugs nor herculean medical procedures with their often adverse and sometimes toxic side effects.
Dr. Stonehart and his associates discovered that human aging and breakdown can actually be down-regulated, even reversed, through simple physical and mental exercises that signal the body’s cells to upregulate their own internal-repair mechanisms. In fact, some of these internal-repair processes are already contained in the natural, often ancient, healing techniques practiced by a few remote cultures around the world.
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